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NBA Power Rankings 2012: Warriors Still Good At Being Bad, Kings Search For Mayor

The Golden State Warriors are fighting. They really are. But someone always has to lose in a fight and ESPN's NBA Power Rankings reminded Dubs fans of that very fact.

Ranked no. 22 in this week's batch, down two spots from last week, ESPN's Marc Stein pointed out that the Dubs have lost nine games already this season when they were within a point, leading or tied with 90 seconds to play. He almost gave the Warriors an out by saying they don't have anyone on the roster that's in their 30s but that's not an excuse. Either way, it's tough to swallow.

As for the Sacramento Kings, Stein dropped them five spots to no. 27 and began pining for the services of Sacramento mayor and former NBA-All Star Kevin Johnson. This team needs a true point guard in the worst way.

SB Nation didn't have much to say about the Warriors (no. 20 in the power rankings) nor the Kings (no. 25 in the power rankings). He did drop a nugget about the Warriors being the best bad team in the league though. Can't argue with that.

And that the Kings have lowered the point differential in their defeats. Whoo hoo!