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Gray Maynard Switches From Xtreme Couture To American Kickboxing Academy, Former Teammates Comment On The Move

Gray Maynard suffered the first loss of his mixed martial arts career at UFC 136, when he was knocked out by Frankie Edgar in their rematch for the Lightweight Championship. Following the loss, Maynard announced his intent to leave his longtime training camp as part of team Xtreme Couture and join San Jose's American Kickboxing Academy.

Kid Nate at Bloody Elbow relays some quotes from a couple of Maynard's former Xtreme Couture teammates. Here's what Frank Trigg had to say:

Gray just was not prepared. It was really one of those deals where a coach within his staff just would not pay attention any other coaches. He was getting really upset if any other coach tried to explain to him 'hey, this is how hard I'm going to push Gray in my session. You need to back off in your session so he can recover. [Maynard] wasn't prepared. It's ultimately up to one coach that didn't pay attention.

John Gunderson added the following:

The last fight Gray wasn't mentally prepared or physically prepared for that fight. I don't think he trained hard enough and he knows that. I think if Gray really put the time in and the work in, Gray could finish him.

It is worth noting that Xtreme Couture owner Randy Couture recently released Gil Martinez, who was Maynard's head trainer prior to Maynard leaving the team.

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