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Spike Lee Wears Jeremy Lin's Palo Alto High Jersey, Possibly Jinxes Knicks

Friday night was not the prettiest night for Linsanity. Superstar point guard Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks saw their seven-game winning streak get snapped by the visiting New Orleans Hornets. What's more, Lin was charged with nine turnovers in the game, matching the NBA season high for single-game TOs.

It is possible that Linsanity hit a speed bump due to the gear that famous Knicks fan Spike Lee was sporting at courtside. According to the Associated Press, Lee was wearing Jeremy Lin's actual Palo Alto High School No. 4 jersey.

...A fellow former Palo Alto player, who was tasked with transporting Lin's old No. 4 jersey cross-country so it could be worn Friday night by the New York Knicks' biggest celebrity fan: Spike Lee.

The latest twist in the Lin saga started earlier this week when his high school coach in California, Peter Diepenbrock, said in an interview with a New York radio station that he hoped to put a Vikings jersey on the director's back. Turns out Lee heard about it and had one of his representatives contact Diepenbrock about making it happen.

Very cool stuff...except that if you believe in that whole "jinx" stuff, it may have cost the Knicks a loss to one of the worst teams in the NBA.

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