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Jeremy Lin Struggles Badly As Knicks Trail Hornets At Halftime

Jeremy Lin has taken over the basketball world with his clutch shots, slick passes and team-first attitude, but there has been one major flaw to his game thus far: Turnovers. Lin is averaging a little more than five-per-game since taking over the starting point guard job with the Knicks a few weeks ago and he has already surpassed that number in just 21 minutes against the Hornets.

With the Knicks trailing 43-39 at the half, Jeremy Lin has eight turnovers, 10 points, four assists, two steals and two turnovers. Hardly the kind of ball security you want from your point guard.

Could the Kim Kardashian rumors and Rising Stars Game selection be getting to his head? Probably not, but they're bound to come out eventually. And with all eyes on the second-year guard out of Harvard, you can bet some folks are going to become skeptical of his ability to run a team once defenses have a chance to catch up to his play style.