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Jeremy Lin, The Warriors, And Their Missed Marketing Opportunity Across The Globe

Warriors fans may be tired of hearing it, but this Jeremy Lin story simply will not stop. In case you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, Lin, who is now starring with the Knicks and has the team on a seven-game winning streak, was cut by the Warriors in training camp. The rest is history.

The impact of Jeremy Lin emerging has been huge for the NBA and basketball fans in America, but how big is it in terms of a global aspect? Just how marketable is Jeremy Lin, who has two parents born and raised in Taiwan, across Asia?

The answer may blow your mind.

The information comes courtesy of two tweets from Darren Rovell.

Fun fact: the most recent estimates have nearly 1.4 billion people living in the country of China. If you thought Linsanity was out of control in America, which houses about 320 million people, can you imagine what it's like across the globe?

And one more:

That's pretty insane.

While we will never know if Lin would have turned into anything should he have stayed with Golden State, one cannot even calculate just how much money the franchise will lose because of it. Jeremy Lin Mania will be tough for the Warriors to get away from on the court; they may never get away from it off the court.