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Linsanity Goes Political: Sarah Palin Weighs In On Jeremy Lin

The Linsanity movement (new nicknames welcome) continues to break down all barriers as politicians on both sides of the aisle are weighing in on the stunning rise of Jeremy Lin over the last ten days. We heard yesterday that Barack Obama has caught some of Jeremy Lin's exploits, and his arch-nemesis Sarah Palin is weighing in on the rising young star.

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Does it surprise anybody that a politician would not be willing to pick between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow? Linsanity has captured the nation and truly knows no boundaries.

Although both Tebow and Lin are stunning stories, anybody who has seen the two of them play would likely recognize that Lin has more pure basketball-playing skills than Tebow does QB skills.

Tebow has done some great things, but many folks view it as a guy doing a lot with very little. On the other hand, Jeremy Lin has come out of nowhere, but he is showcasing a variety of basketball skills that could allow him to establish a solid NBA career. Of course, maybe we should wait more than ten days before making such proclamations!