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Linsanity Growing: Jeremy Lin Can Count Barack Obama, David Stern Among His Fans

The buzz surrounding Jeremy Lin's week and a half run of "Linsanity" is adding more and more followers at higher and higher levels. Some people have taken their time jumping on the Lin bandwagon as they wait to see if he comes back to Earth sooner rather than later. While it has only been five starts and six games of big performances, his consistency is proving more and more legit.

It should surprise nobody that NBA Commissioner David Stern is excited about the young Knicks guard and his performance lately. Stern has indicated in the past that he no longer roots for a single team as he did before he joined the NBA. Rather, Stern roots for strong, positive storylines and of course no repeats of the Ron Artest Brawl. In Jeremy Lin, the NBA has a development that could very well prove to be the best sports story of 2012 and beyond. Naturally, Stern used the story to plug some of the NBA process as well:

"I think it's a huge win for the NBA Development League (where the Knicks briefly sent Lin) because what we do is, we keep players around to give them that one more shot -- and you never know," Stern told the newspaper.

"The conventional is wisdom is that you know everyone who's going to be coming into your league by the time of the McDonald's High School All-American game. It's so much fun to see some unpredictability thrown in, and I hasten to add, it's been five games only. So we'll see. I think it's wonderful."

Lin was reportedly on the verge of being released by the Knicks before head coach Mike D'Antoni decided to give him a bigger shot. The Knicks have been dealing with a variety of injuries and were struggling to get on track. They have now won six straight thanks in large part to the contributions of Jeremy Lin.

It is no surprise that President Barack Obama is paying more attention to Lin as well. Obama is a noted basketball enthusiast and he has started paying a little closer attention to the budding star. The sky is quickly becoming the limit for Lin as he develops into a national and potentially international sensation.