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Jeremy Lin Mania Continues, Tim Tebow Comparisons Finally Arrive

Jeremy Lin has already captured the hearts of just about every Knicks fan and is quickly taking the sports world by storm. Whether it be his game-winning shots, his stellar performance on national television against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers or his team-first attitude, there is a lot to like about the young and emerging point guard.

Does that remind you of a certain quarterback in Denver this past season?

Tim Tebow was the talk of the 2011 NFL season, whether it was deserved or not. And regardless of your stance on if he'll make it as a quarterback or not in the league, you have to admire his heart and courage, especially with the game on the line.

I have to say I'm inclined to agree. There is nothing fluky about Lin nor does it look like his production will slow anytime in the near future. Is he going to score 25 points a night? No, probably not, but he appears to be set with the Knicks for the long haul. As for Tim Tebow, even after a big winning streak and a playoff victory, there are still plenty of questions, most notably if he'll even have the starting job in a year or two.

The comparisons were inevitable and the two players are even comparable after a few games in their respective leagues, but make no mistake about it: Jeremy Lin is not even close to being the same player Tim Tebow is. He's a natural at the game of basketball.