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Jeremy Lin Game-Winning Shot Yet Another Incredible Feat By Knicks Point Guard

The story of Jeremy Lin is turning into one we would only find in a movie out of Hollywood. You should know the story by now: overlooked out of Harvard, Lin went undrafted in 2009 and was either cut or dealt by numerous teams before landing with the Knicks. The young point guard has taken over the country with his clutch shots and smooth handles, and hit a game-winning shot against the Raptors on Tuesday night with less than a second remaining.

Pretty incredible.

While the big shots are incredible to watch, there are a few things to watch for going forward. For one, Lin has to cut down on his turnovers. He's averaged six turnovers in his five starts, including eight in the win over Toronto. There are also many wondering how he will mesh with Carmelo Anthony once the latter returns. Melo has a reputation as a guy who isn't exactly the easiest player to get along with on the court.

Regardless, Lin is doing something never done before in the NBA. He has the record for most points scored in his first five career starts and the Knicks are winning with him in the lineup, something the team had not been doing a lot of without Linsanity. He also appears to be a great kid with a sincere team-first approach to the game, judging by how he always praises his teammates when being interviewed by the media.

Next up, Lin and the Knicks will host the Sacramento Kings. If he and Jimmer Fredette don't guard each other for at least some of the game, there is something seriously wrong.