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Jeremy Lin Escalates Linsanity With Game-Winner To Beat Raptors

Linsanity. Linderella. Lin Tebow. All I do is Lin Lin Lin Lin Lin. Pretty much every cliche and meme has been thrown out in the past week and call it whatever you want, but Jeremy Lin has captivated the nation. Hardcore hoopaholics, everyday fans and NBA-haters alike have started to sit up and take note of the phenomenon and naturally, disappointing no one tonight, the sudden star hit a game-winning three pointer with .5 seconds on the clock to give the Knicks their sixth straight win.

Lin didn't have the most efficient game ever - hitting on 9 of 20 for 27 points and 11 assists in 43 minutes, but also turned the ball over eight times along the way. In true Tim Tebow fashion though, he came through when it mattered.

After trailing most of the game, including a twelve-point deficit at one point in the fourth quarter, the Knicks fought back to within three points with 1:05 remaining. You couldn't script what happened next. Lin drove the lane, hitting a layup while getting fouled, and and after adding a free throw the ballgame was tied. The Raptors couldn't convert their next possession, and Jeremy Lin calmly hit a three pointer as the shot clock expired to put the Knicks up three, 90-87.

If you're not infected with Linsanity yet, you had better check your pulse.

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