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Jeremy Lin Relied On God Through His Hardships

So much for avoiding parallels between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow. Two of the most incredible phenomenons in sports appear to have too much in common to make sense, particularly their reliance on their faith to become the players they are now.

In an excellent exclusive that features Lin's trials and tribulations before making it right with the New York Knicks, Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group reports on how Lin persevered due to his own personal self-belief in the Lord.

"I was playing garbage minutes the first two to three weeks," Lin said. "On top of that, I had no idea what the system was and what we were doing. We couldn't practice, so I had no opportunity to prove myself. There was definitely a little bit of "what's going on?" in my prayers.

"It's a constant battle. My flesh was constantly pulling at me. Whine. Complain. Whine. Complain. But the other side of me was thinking, 'My God is all powerful.' ... That's the sad part. When I look back, there are so many times in my life where I've questioned God. Why do I even doubt God? At the same time, it's a growing process."

It certainly seems as if Lin has always relied on his Christian ideals to help him get through the tough times, although it's probably no different from any man of faith who's managed to succeed. What's more important is Lin's work ethic and strong mental will, as well as his intelligence and ability to adapt within the game. If Lin wasn't able to utilize all his talents to the utmost of his abilities, he probably wouldn't have made such a meteoric rise and made his impact felt so quickly.

All of that comes together with players like Tebow and Lin. Faith is only one of many factors.

(Also, Tebow looks like an average to mediocre quarterback who plays poorly most of the game, but pulls it out in the end. Lin actually looks like a promising young guard who makes the most of his opportunities.)

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