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NBA Power Rankings: Kings Finally No. 1 In Something, Warriors Not Too Far Behind

Our friend Tom Ziller used a different formula for his NBA Power Rankings this week, choosing to rank the league's most loveable teams in light of Valentine's Day approaching and what do you know, the Sacramento Kings topped the list. Just check out Ziller's great list of reasons why.

"Between Tyreke Evans singing "Tell Me Something Good" during a ref review on Thursday, DeMarcus Cousins' smirks, the camaraderie of Donte Greene and Jason Thompson, the presence of Jimmer Fredette and Isaiah Thomas' phenomenal swag, this club is gunning for the 1994 Orlando Magic's lovability record"

Gotta love it.

The Golden State Warriors weren't too far behind at no. 7 due to Stephen Curry's epic wedding engagement photo.

But for actual basketball related rankings...

The Warriors moved up one spot to no. 20 in the ESPN Power Rankings. But as per usual with Warriors mentions, ESPN's Marc Stein mentioned that the Dubs haven't had an All-Star since Latrell Sprewell in 1997. Their All-Star drought is six seasons longer than the next teams in line - Milwaukee and fellow Bay Area member, Sacramento.

Speaking of the Kings, they sit at no. 22 in the ESPN rankings, same spot as last week. Cousins is second in the league behind Dwight Howard's six with four game with at least 19 rebounds and the Kings are 8-12 under Keith Smart, including beating Oklahoma City on national TV. They aren't good, but they aren't all that bad either.