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College Basketball Rankings: Saint Mary's Slides In AP, Coaches Poll Following Gonzaga Loss

The latest college basketball rankings have been released, and as expected, the Saint Mary's Gaels slipped following their Thursday loss to Gonzaga. Although it was a tough road matchup and they bounced back with a win on Saturday, the drop was expected. Saint Mary's did not drop too far though as they dropped five spots in the AP Poll and three spots in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll. The AP now ranks them No. 21 and the Coaches Poll ranks them No. 16.

Saint Mary's has a chance to do some solid climbing in the polls this week as they face Loyola Marymount on Wednesday and a ranked Murray State on Saturday. Murray State lost their first game this past week, but they remain No. 16 in the AP Poll and No. 14 in the Coaches Poll. A sweep of the week would likely be enough to get the the Gaels up three or four spots.

Here are the top ten in each poll:

1. Kentucky
2. Syracuse
3. Missouri
4. Kansas
5. Duke
6. Ohio State
7. Michigan State
8. UNC
9. Baylor
10. Georgetown

Coaches Poll
1. Kentucky
2. Syracuse
3. Missouri
4. Duke
5. Kansas
6. Ohio State
7. UNC
8. Michigan State
9. Georgetown
10. Baylor