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Bracketology 2012: Can Saint Mary's Climb Higher Than No. 5?

The start of a new week means the return of bracketology reports following a week of exciting college basketball action. The Top 25 saw numerous significant upsets that have the polls seeing a lot of change. For bracketology reports, change is a little more subtle because quality losses do not hurt a team in tournament projections as they do in the various polls.

Saint Mary's lost a tough road contest to Gonzaga on Thursday night, and while it will drop them a decent amount in the various polls, it is not hurting their current bracket projection. SB Nation and Joe Lunardi both released their latest bracketology reports and Saint Mary's remains a five seed, which is where they were a week ago.

Saint Mary's remaining regular season schedule does not provide a lot of opportunities for growth in potential seeding. This week they face Loyola Marymount and Murray State, which are two solid opponents. The problem is their computer profiles are not particularly great at this point and will not do much for the Gaels chances of boosting their seed.

However, if Saint Mary's can run the table and take the WCC postseason tournament title, they could be looking at a four seed, and potentially a three seed if they can get a win over Gonzaga in the finals. They would be on a hot streak with a win over a highly rated Bulldogs squad. That should conceivably be enough to get them a further tournament seed boost.