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Jeremy Lin Conquered Basketball, So What's Next?

It's pretty clear that Jeremy Lin fever has swept the country. We'd like to say we knew it all along, but who among us could have foreseen that Lin would rise from the ashes to become New York's basketball savior and Palo Alto's favorite son in just a few short weeks? Now that he's led the New York Knicks to five straight wins and inspired fans to tape over their 'Melo jerseys to support their new hero, you may think he's done it all. Well, in the basketball world, maybe. But hit the jump to take a peek at some other things that he will almost certainly accomplish in the near future, if he hasn't already.

- February 12, 2012: Jeremy Lin Nails Hole-In-One At AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am As Tiger Woods And Darius Rucker Look On In Shock And Amazement

- March 25, 2012: Jeremy Lin Negotiates Relocation Of Oakland Athletics To San Jose. Billy Beane: 'We Owe It All To Jeremy Lin.'

- April 26, 2012: Jeremy Lin Selected As No. 1 Overall Pick By Indianapolis Colts

- May 20, 2012: Jeremy Lin Wins Tour Of California, Becomes First Cyclist To Not Test Positive For Anything

- June 5, 2012: Jeremy Lin Storms Field At Fenway Park, Hits For Cycle, Leaves As Mysteriously As He Appeared

- November 6, 2012: Jeremy Lin Elected President Of United States, Receiving Landmark 100% Of Popular Vote In Addition To 54% Electoral College Vote

These are all just guesstimates, of course. (As far as the dates go, I mean. He's definitely going to do everything on this list.)

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