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Jeremy Lin Offered Free Apartment From NY Knicks Season Ticket Holder

Palo Alto native Jeremy Lin has been playing lights out since taking up the mantle as the New York Knick's knight in shining armor, which oddly enough started by sleeping by the mantle, on teammate Landry Fields' couch.

But will his recent burst of success comes a few perks here and then, like Russian real estate developer and attorney Edward Mermelstein (also a court side season ticket holder for the Knicks) has offered him a free one bedroom apartment until he can find a place of his own.

Obviously, Mermelstein is a big fan:

"As a New Yorker, its very rare that someone like Jeremy Lin comes along to electrify this city, and this humble young man has excited all of NYC - and we love his energy. He's a hard working passionate young man - and as a NY Knick, and Harvard graduate I am sure its not long until he'll have his own place to stay - but in the meantime I'd be honored to offer him an apartment for his use. Every father tells his son if you go to Harvard, I will let you play ball - well Lin's got it all and we have lots of respect for him."

Who knows? Maybe if Lin can keep it up he'll be offered a role in one of Spike Lee's new joints, or possibly a penthouse suite in Trump Towers from the Donald.

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