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PHOTO: George Lopez Dons Luchador Mask, Reps Mil Mascaras At Pebble Beach Pro-Am

George Lopez is one of the many celebrities participating in the 2012 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. His group, which also included Andy Garcia on Saturday, was among the most raucous of the whole tournament. His antics inspired the crowds to break into chants of "JOR-GE LO-PEZ" and allowed Andy Garcia to draw riotous cheers, possibly for the first time ever. Part of Lopez's shtick during the week was occasionally donning a luchador mask during play. Check out the look after the jump.


(via The Sacramento Bee)

The coolest part about this is that the mask in question is that of lucha libre living legend Mil Mascaras. Lopez had at least two different Mascaras masks during the tour. "Mil Mascaras," as you may have guessed, was known for having a multitude of different masks. On Saturday, he donned a white version after an impressive drive and actually crowd-surfed. At a golf tournament.

Kudos to Lopez for not only making golf fun and representing (correctly, I might add) the long history of lucha libre, but also coordinating his masks for maximum effect. If you'll notice in the above picture, his mask matches his sweater. It does.

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