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Jeremy Lin Has His First Theme Song: 'Nick Of Time'

Linsanity has gotten so big, so fast, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that there's already a hip-hop song all about New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin.

What might be surprising is to learn that the song, "Nick of Time" was actually written and produced a year ago when Lin was still with the Golden State Warriors.

Rapper Jin wrote the lyrics after reading an interview with Lin about his faith and how his playing ability is a gift from God. Going through spiritual growth at the time himself, he connected with Lin's approach. Jeremy landed a spot on the Warriors, I had the notion to work on a song inspired by him. Interesting how God works.. The Warriors track never got released cause I couldn’t get it to a point where I was comfortable with the overall direction of the song.. and next thing you know J gets released from the team.

And now, Linsanity reigns and Jin's song was just waiting for the right time...

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