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UFC 143 Results: Nick Diaz Could Be Suspended For A Year, Could It Affect 'Retirement'?

With the recent news that Nick Diaz failed a post-fight urinalysis, the question now is what kind of punishment he'll be in for. After losing to Carlos Condit in the main event at UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit, the Bay Area-based fighter got on the microphone and, in so many words, said that he was going to retire because Condit wasn't going to stand in front of him and fight his fight. There's a small inkling of truth to his words in that Condit was very evasive, but he was still out-struck by a good margin.

That's not the point - the point is that Diaz could be suspended for up to a year. This is the second time he's been busted for this, and recent evidence suggests that a suspension of a year and a forfeiture of 40 percent of his purse is the course of action to be taken. Seeing as how Diaz has been publicly outspoken about his ability to beat the tests, it's unlikely he's to receive any leniency.

On top of all of that, Diaz will likely be forced to attend a long, drawn-out hearing to plead with the commission when he re-applies for his license to fight. There's not really a scenario in which Diaz legitimately applies, asks for it back, admits he's wrong and doesn't receive a license. Unfortunately, there's probably a couple scenarios in which Diaz presents himself, flips the entire commission the bird and blazes up right then and there.

And with his feet up on the table, too.

In all seriousness, this is unfortunate because if there's even the slightest chance that Diaz was serious about his retirement talk, the prospects of appearing in front of the commission and dealing with a year-long layoff might actually drive him to go through with it. His post-fight antics that were really kind of sad notwithstanding, Diaz is a wholly entertaining fighter who brings a lot to the sport. It'd be a shame if this is how he goes out.