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Jeremy Lin Continues To Dominate, Scores 38 Points As Knicks Knock Off Lakers

The Jeremy Lin story just keeps on getting better and better. The young point guard for the New York Knicks played in front of a national audience on ESPN on Friday night against the Lakers and had an incredible game, scoring 38 points in 39 minutes. The Knicks won the game by a score of 92-85.

Not only did Lin score well, but he continued to dish the ball to his teammates and ended the night with eight assists. He turned the ball over six times against the Lakers, but, honestly, who cares at this point? Jeremy Lin is incredible.

Not only did those watching the game take notice of Lin, but the social media train pushed his name for nearly three hours. His name and a variation of hashtags (#OMGJeremyLin and #Linsanity were my favorites) were trending worldwide throughout the entire game and everyone from local fans to national sports writers were tweeting about him.

Since the NBA/ABA merger, no player has ever scored more points in his first three starts (89) as Lin has this week. We're watching something special right now, folks.

Want more of the point guard? The Knicks will take on the Timberwolves on Saturday night, with tipoff coming at 5 p.m. in the Bay Area.