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PHOTO: Alex Morgan Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Sneak Peek

Alex Morgan is one beautiful woman. The former Cal soccer star has been noted for her amazing mix of audacity and beauty and she'll be one those athletes you figure to see a lot more of the next few years.

Next week, you'll get to see her in the famed Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. In bodypaint! You can check out a first glimpse at what Morgan will look like (although it's not the bodypaint shots)


Wow, she's stunning.

Alex revealed in a Sports Illustrated interview with Jimmy Traina that this caused her far more trepidation than her goals against Japan in the World Cup final. What was more intimidating: posing in bodypaint or taking on Japan in the World Cup finals?

Morgan: I have been playing soccer my entire life. I know how to stay calm and not get too nervous for games. That's why I would have to say posing in bodypaint was a little more intimidating. It was a completely new experience and definitely took some getting used to before I felt comfortable in bodypaint. I had to look in the mirror every five minutes to make sure I actually had a swimsuit on.

I have to figure that Morgan will be generating as much interest in her sport with her swimsuit appearance as she did for women's soccer a year ago in Germany. Anything to keep her and the sport improving in popularity!

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