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Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit Rematch In Jeopardy After Failed Drug Test Due To Marijuana

Let's take a brief recap of what's gone on for Nick Diaz. After failing to adapt his fighting style over five rounds to be soundly out-pointed by Carlos Condit at UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit, he took to the microphone and, in so many words, said that he was going to retire because other fighters refused to play into his gameplan. Then, his camp said the same thing, and Diaz fans got all up-in-arms about him being robbed.

You won't find any Diaz haters here, but the guy lost the fight fair-and-square. Or was it fair? Diaz actually cheated, pending some kind of false positive, according to Yahoo! Sports. Diaz has failed his post-fight urinalysis, who has tested positive for marijuana metabolites. This essentially means that Diaz has tested positive for the drug and some form of masking agent to try and cheat the test.

It's not nearly as bad as taking steroids or other performance enhancers, and there are plenty who believe marijuana shouldn't be disallowed at all, but the point remains that Diaz did a very dumb thing by testing positive. It's making headlines, it's putting the UFC in a bind and Diaz will likely be suspended. A second offense for marijuana usually results in being out for a year, and a fine of 40 percent of a fighter's purse, at least going by recent disciplinary actions.

That would be a loss of $80,000 ... though Diaz likely made a lot more than the $200,000 reported purse of the fight. Either way, this will likely mean no rematch with Condit, which is a shame because it'd be a good fight and Condit agreed to said rematch, even if Diaz didn't deserve it.

There should be more on this in the coming days, but for now, the UFC has only said they're disappointed that Diaz tested positive. We'll just have to see if there's any chance of this test being a false positive. The UFC generally sides with the commission and will adhere to any punishment handed out.