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UFC on FOX 5 results: Ben Henderson beats Nate Diaz for title

Ben Henderson defeated Nate Diaz to win the the lightweight title match on Saturday night.


Ben Henderson successfully defeated challenger Nate Diaz to defend his lightweight crown once again and reclaim his UFC throne on Saturday night in a fight that displayed Henderson's dominance in more ways than one.

While the fighters went the distance, going all five rounds in Henderson's title defense, Henderson landed more than 100 strikes on Diaz, who seemingly played defensively for almost the entire fight. The Stockton, Calif.-born Diaz was clearly dominated in the fight and the judges' scorecard reflected that in not only score, but a unanimous decision for Henderson as the bout's winner.

Diaz landed the biggest blow of the night late in the fifth round, but the champion did not move from his spot and quickly brushed it off to stay up in the octagon. The big blow summed up the entire fight of frustration for Diaz, who could not get anything going against the champion in the title match.