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Fantasy sit/start: Niners could run roughshod over mediocre Dolphins

The Niners will host a Dolphins team that has made strides this year but they are still in the bottom third as far as defense goes.


Jim Harbaugh is not a coach accustomed to losing. He has lost, as coach of the Niners, a total of seven times in two years, a total which includes the playoff loss to the Giants last season. Last year after the Niners lost to the Ravens, they defeated St. Louis 26-0. After losing to Arizona, the following week they beat Pittsburgh 20-3. This year, after falling to Minnesota they destroyed the Jets 34-0. It's safe to say that following a loss, he takes out his frustrations the following week by showing no mercy whatsoever. Harbaugh has yet to lose consecutive games as head coach of San Francisco.

This all bodes very poorly for Miami this week, which is coming off a tough loss to New England. The Niners are going to eviscerate the Dolphins. This is a great week to start absolutely everyone. Colin Kaepernick will surely have a bounceback game, Frank Gore will run all over the Dolphins, and the defense will totally shut down the Miami attack. If New England's crap defense can hold Miami to 13 points including a garbage time touchdown, the Niners may hold them to negative points.

The only guy you may consider sitting is David Akers, who is unreliable until he gets his act together. Hopefully this week will be that week, and also the week wherein Colin Kaepernick picks a favorite receiver and sticks with him. Michael Crabtree should be that guy.