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Week 14 Raiders fantasy sit/start: Don't trust the Raiders

This week the Raiders get to flaunt their awfulness on national television- but don't flaunt them on your fantasy team.

Peter Aiken

This week's edition of Thursday Night Football is, inexplicably, Raiders vs. Broncos. At this point the game means nothing more than an excuse to put Peyton Manning on national television. The only thing either team has to play for is Denver trying to get a first round bye in the playoffs, and the Raiders trying not to get the first overall draft pick, which to be honest wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Denver's defense is even better than last year's model, which is a scary thought for anyone scheduled to play them in the postseason. They are the third-best defense overall and tenth in scoring defense at a little over 20 points per game. They will surely be amongst the top fantasy defenses going into next season. And so again, there's only one guy to start in fantasy for Oakland...

START: Sebastian Janikowski. The Raiders will be lucky to score at all, and if they do this will be the guy who scores. Nobody else can or should be trusted for the foreseeable future.