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NBA power rankings 2012: Warriors move up in latest rankings; Kings continue to lose

Both teams from the Bay Area dropped following a rough week of action.


The Kings and Warriors have begun the year heading in different directions. For Sacramento, it's been more of the same; a lack of a veteran presence on the roster is evident, and there's still no sign of the team coming together under coach Keith Smart. As for the Warriors, a recent 7-3 stretch has moved them above .500 for the year, and they could be a contender in the Western Conference should they stay healthy.

In John Hollinger's latest power rankings on ESPN, the Warriors dropped two spots down to No. 13. The Kings are 29th, ahead of only the last-place Wizards.

According to CBS Sports' power rankings, Golden State is now 8th in the league after spending last week 13th. Sacramento is surprisingly as high as 25th.

Finally, the Warriors are ranked 10th in the latest power rankings from Yahoo! Sports. With the worst record in the Western Conference, the Kings are ranked 27th.