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Oakland A's seek 5-year lease extension at Coliseum

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The Athletics could be without a place to play in 2014 if they do not agree to a new lease.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The Oakland Athletics are unsure of where they'll be playing baseball in the coming years. The franchise has been hoping to secure a move to the city of San Jose, although Major League Baseball has been hesitant to approve the move. Now, as the A's lease with Coliseum reaches the final year, they're looking for a new five-year deal that would secure their future in Oakland for the foreseeable future.

Here is the latest from John Woolfolk of the Oroville Mercury-Register:

In a Friday letter to East Bay officials, A's owner Lew Wolff put a time-frame on the deal -- the team would stay for the next five seasons -- in a bid to spur talks that apparently haven't gone well.

"We need to know if we're on the way to doing something that's mutually agreeable," Wolff said in an interview Friday. "Otherwise, we're going to have to find a temporary relocation somewhere, which we prefer not to do."

Attendance figures have been a concern in the past for both the A's and those at Coliseum, although a wild AL West pennant chase gave the club a big attendance boost in August and September. It would seem likely the two parties would come to a mutual agreement, although the A's do seem serious about pursuing other options should they get the sense a deal will not be reached.

The Athletics are set to open the 2013 season at home against the Seattle Mariners.