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Pro Bowl voting results 2013: Five 49ers win fan vote for NFC

The 49ers will have plenty of representatives at the 2013 Pro Bowl.

Jared Wickerham

The NFL has released which players won the fan vote for the 2013 Pro Bowl. After months of filling out ballots across the league, five San Francisco 49ers players were selected.

On offense, starting guard Mike Iupati earned a nomination. Two defensive starters were also selected. All-Pro defensive tackle Justin Smith led the way with 257,020 votes, as did linebacker Patrick Willis, who received 226,791 tallies.

Despite his struggles this season, veteran placekicker David Akers also received the most votes at his position. This may come as a surprise, but many fans still remember just how good Akers was in 2011. On special teams, C.J. Spillman also earned a spot.

The most notable omission from the list was current sacks leader Aldon Smith. It seems likely that Smith will head to Hawaii once the coaches and players get to fill their ballots.

Peyton Manning was the leading vote-getter for either league, bringing in 993,045 votes. Tom Brady was second with 908,099. Adrian Peterson of the Vikings was the NFC's top candidate with 828,225 votes.

The full fan voting results for the AFC and NFC can be found here.