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49ers not concerned with fumbled snaps

San Francisco had issues with snaps against New England, but the 49ers aren't concerned with the issue going forward.


The San Francisco 49ers had issues with the quarterback-center exchange against the New England Patriots, but 49ers center Jonathan Goodwin doesn't think the problem will come up again.

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick fumbled four snaps against New England. The issues were partly due to wet weather and partly due to the exchange. While Kaepernick took the blame for the fumbled snaps on Tuesday, Goodwin said he was also at fault.

While similar issues could prove to be costly as the 49ers prepare for the playoffs, Goodwin doesn't see the problem lasting. He said he and Kaepernick didn't have any more issues after trying something different later in the game. Goodwin also said they haven't had any snap issues in normal weather. While that may be true, the 49ers could encounter some wet weather when they face the Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday. A wet forecast could lead to some extra reps in practice.

"I haven't checked the forecast, but if rain is in the picture, it's definitely something that we need to work on," Goodwin said, according to CSN Bay Area.