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Raiders vs Panthers: Cam Newton leading a hot Carolina team against Oakland

The Oakland Raiders must travel to Carolina to take on a surging Panthers team

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders may have beaten the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, but it was not a sign of improving, just a sign of how bad the Chiefs are. The Carolina Panthers, however, have played back to back games where they look like they have figured things out and are really improving. Just three weeks ago, the Panthers lost to the Chiefs on an emotional Sunday, just one day removed from the murder suicide involving a Chiefs player. Since then, Cam Newton and the Panthers have back to back wins, including a win over a strong Atlanta Falcons team and a thrashing of the San Diego Chargers.

Anyone who have watched the Raiders all season know that they had the Chiefs' number, but have looked horrific against almost every other team they have played. Their only other wins came in over time against a bad Jacksonville Jaguars and an inexplicable win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The fact of the matter is, the win against Kansas City was not symbolic of an improving Raiders team. So while a win normally gives hope of a winning streak, no one in the Raider Nation should fool themselves into believing more wins are in the cards for the Raiders this season.

There is a very good chance that the Raiders will get blown out of the water when they travel to Carolina next weekend. Cam Newton is hitting his stride and is probably licking his chops at the chance to play one of the worst defenses in the entire NFL. While the Raiders improved their record to 4-10 against Kansas City, that is about as good as its gonna get for Oakland this season.