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Raiders vs. Chiefs: Oakland wins on Sunday, loses any chance at number one draft pick

The Oakland Raiders may have won on Sunday, but doing so means they lost the race to the worst.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders beat the Kansas City Chiefs fairly easily on Sunday despite not even scoring a touchdown, proving once and for all that the Raiders are not the worst team in the NFL. Just last week, there was a serious discussion to be had about whether the Raiders had fallen to the bottom of the NFL. The Chiefs, however, never had a chance to compete in this game, and though they were able to keep the Raiders out of the end zone, they were kept off of the scoreboard. That effort by the Chiefs ensured the race for the worst would be a two team race between themselves and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Raiders were never really in danger of losing the game on Sunday, but they also did not do a ton to impress. Sure, Darren McFadden ran for over 100 yards, but he did so on 30 carried for 3.7 yards per carry. Those are not exactly great numbers. Sure, the Raiders pitched a shut out, but it was against Brady Quinn, that is like being handed a win. Sure, the Raiders were in control all game, but they couldn't score a touchdown against the worst team in the NFL.

This was a must win for the Raiders simply because Kansas City is so bad, the Raiders had to prove they had not fallen to those depths. But the fact that it was a convincing win is not necessarily something to be excited about. The Raiders have proven that they are not the worst team in the NFL, but let's not kid ourselves, they are most likely the third worst team in the NFL.