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S.F. Bulls sell out all 17,562 HP Pavilion seats

The Bulls will play in front of a packed house on Saturday night.

Ezra Shaw

For hockey fans in the Bay Area, the past couple of months have been rough.

The NHL continues to be in a lockout, and despite reports of the two sides moving closer towards an agreement, no true progress has been made. With games cancelled through the final week of December, it's starting to look less and less likely that the NHL will be back this season.

Fortunately for those who need to get their hockey fix, the ECHL has set up a game at HP Pavilion between the San Francisco Bulls and Stockton Thunder. Tickets were primarily distributed to San Jose Sharks season ticket holders, although there were a couple thousand up for grabs.

As this report the Mercury News details, the game is completely sold out. A couple of third-party ticket distributors are selling tickets, and the prices range from anywhere between a dollar and $400.

It may not be the highest level of hockey, but all signs point to it being a great night at HP Pavilion.