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49ers' Randy Moss impressed by Colin Kaepernick

The veteran WR has high praise for his young QB.


When one of the NFL's all-time great wide receivers has high-praise for you as a young quarterback, you must be on the right right track. And that is exactly the case in San Francisco with veteran Randy Moss and 2nd-year QB Colin Kaepernick.

On Wednesday, Moss shared with CSN Bay Area that Kaepernick threw so hard it had dislocated one of his fingers in the game against the Chicago Bears.

"Man, he dislocated my finger," Moss said Wednesday after the 49ers' first practice of the week to prepare for the New England Patriots on Sunday night in Foxboro, Mass.

"Really, the play was designed for the ball to be thrown in the first hole," Moss said of the pass that he could only deflect in the 49ers' game Nov. 19 against the Chicago Bears.

"And I think I got to the second hole -- or we call them windows as a wide receiver -- and when he found me in the second hole it was kind of too late to throw it, but he threw it anyway. So he had to put one them Randy Johnson fastballs on me. When it hit my finger, I felt my finger pop -- dislocated it. So I had to come back to the sideline and the doctor had to pop it back in."

Not only did Moss praise Kaepernick's arm, but also his leadership.

"I think that Kap's been able to come in and lead us as a whole unit. Any time a guy can come in and lead like that, and I don't mean verbally, I mean leading by example, it's what we as football players look for in a player, especially a quarterback. So I really just compliment his leadership and going out there and leading our offense up and down the field."

Those words carry a lot of weight coming from a future Hall-of-Famer like Moss. Both players will have their work cut out for them as the team travels to New England for a Sunday night showdown with the Patriots, but it sounds like things are on the right track.