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Raiders vs. Chiefs: Fans deserve to see Terrelle Pryor play in the final home game of the season

The Oakland Raiders fan base has endured a lot this season, and the least Dennis Allen can do is give them a look at Terrelle Pryor in person.

Otto Greule Jr

The Oakland Raiders have turned out to be far worse than anyone expected entering the 2012 season. After back to back 8-8 seasons and an off season in which there was a large amount of roster turnover, everyone knew there was a good chance that the Raiders would take a step back this season. What they did not expect was that the step would go all of the way back to the JaMarcus Russell levels of ineptitude. Now that the fans have endured a painful season in which the team only won two games at home, the team owes it to them to get Terrelle Pryor into the game on Sunday if at all possible.

The Raiders just do not have much left to play for. In fact, winning on Sunday might hurt them more than help them if it results in a significant drop in their draft standing. Sure, the Raiders may have pride as a motivating factor, but the truth of the matter is, most of these players will not even be with the Raiders next season, and any pride won by beating the Kansas City Chiefs would be minimal at best. So while the Chiefs represent the last winnable game on the Raiders schedule, looking to the future while also providing the loyal fan base with what they want to see, should be the primary concern for the Raiders brass.

Carson Palmer is getting older, and with the large amount of work that remains to be done before the Raiders can compete at a high level, it is just not very likely Palmer will have much left in the tank by the time the Raiders are ready to compete for a playoff team. As a result, the Raiders MUST find their new QB within the next few years and the starting point for that process is to determine if that guy is already on the team. Therefore, not only would playing TP make the fans happy, it is wise to see what he can do in a real game after he had an impressive pre-season.