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49ers vs. Dolphins: San Francisco still grinders with Colin Kaepernick at helm

Even though it wasn't necessarily pretty or impressive, the San Francisco 49ers pulled out the type of win on Sunday that they have become accustomed to.


Since coach Jim Harbaugh decided to roll with quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers have had their exciting moments, but in the end, they have maintained their identity as a grind-it-out type of team.

Even though Kaepernick scampered for a 50-yard touchdown run late in the fourth quarter in Sunday's win over the Miami Dolphins, the rest of the game was somewhat of a struggle for the 49ers. Ray Ratto of CSN Bay Area believes that this is just the type of team San Francisco is:

This was, put bluntly, a game the 49ers had to get through without mishap, blunder or injury. They succeeded at all three, and Kaepernick's moment made it look slightly more one-sided than it was. In the style-points era of 49er football, this would have been a disappointing afternoon. These days, it is (and God help us for going this way) only what it is.

While their methods might be different, Kaepernick is leading the 49ers in a similar manner as Alex Smith did last year and for the first half of this season. Both understand that they must keep mistakes to a minimum and be efficient with their opportunities. San Francisco's strength is its defense and the players know that it will be the calling card for success in the playoffs.

The 49ers' grinding style of play will be put to the test against the offensively-powered New England Patriots next week.