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Giants rumors: Brian Wilson 'pouting' over non-tender decision

The former Giants closer is not happy about not being tendered a contract on Friday.

Ezra Shaw

Brian Wilson and his glorious beard are currently unemployed. The Giants decided to non-tender Wilson before Friday's deadline, which made him a free agent eligible to sign with whichever team he chooses.

After undergoing major elbow surgery this past year, Wilson did not pitch for the Giants on their way to a World Series title. He was paid about $6 million, and if the club tendered him a deal, he would've earned about $8 million in 2013. That's an awfully large risk for a pitcher who might not be back on the mound until the summer months.

According to this tweet from Hank Schulman, Wilson is "pouting" about the team's decision to let him become a free agent. No player is ever happy about losing his job -- and especially one who had such a big role on a championship team three years ago -- but the fact is the Giants just couldn't pay him that kind of money.

It's unclear whether or not Wilson will return to the Bay Area next season. Quite a few teams have reportedly expressed interest, including the Dodgers and Angels.