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Yankees claim Eli Whiteside on waivers from San Francisco Giants

Catcher Eli Whiteside was put on waivers by the Giants in order to make room in their 40-man roster for elite prospects. Whiteside in turn was claimed by the New York Yankees.

Christian Petersen

On Monday, now-former San Francisco Giants catcher Eli Whiteside, was picked up by the New York Yankees off waivers. MLB clubs are trimming their rosters to 40 in order to protect prospects from the Rule 5 draft.

With the Giants since 2009, Whiteside was a member of the roster for both World Series victories, but played a minor-to-no role in the wins. The most action Whiteside saw in a San Francisco uniform came in 2011 after Buster Posey was injured while blocking home plate and out for the season. In the 82 games where Whiteside took over for Posey, he hit .197 in 213 at-bats.

In the majors on and off since 2005, Whiteside is a slightly above Mendoza-line career hitter at .215. He has 489 at-bats, resulting in 105 hits, 43 RBI's, 10 homeruns, and 130 strikeouts. It was unlikely that Whiteside would have made the roster for the 2013 season.