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Giants' Brian Sabean calls Angel Pagan, Marco Scutaro negotiations 'jockeying' at this stage

The Winter Meetings could lead to some signings for the Giants.

Christian Petersen

The San Francisco Giants haven't been too active in the first few weeks of the offseason, although it appears the hot stove is starting to heat up.

According to this report from Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area, the Giants are currently jockeying with free agents Angel Pagan and Marco Scutaro. Both players are currently on the market and are free to sign with whichever team they choose, but it seems likely that both will return to San Francisco next year. This being said, do not expect general manager Brian Sabean to put all of his eggs into one basket.

"We've created some options if either does not sign with us," said Sabean, who did not delve into those names but the list is known to include Shane Victorino and Ichiro Suzuki. "It's a fluid situation. We're not close to a deal now because of how the jockeying is going on now."

Most reports indicate Pagan is looking for a four- or five-year deal with an annual salary of $10 million or so. He would not come cheap, but given his career-year in 2012, it would be tough for the Giants to replace his performance both at the plate and in the field. As for Scutaro, his heroics in the postseason make him seem likely a solid fit up the middle for the next few seasons assuming the price is right.