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Week 13 Fantasy sit/start: Ride the Kaepernick train

Colin Kapernick has been named the starter this week against the Rams, to the surprise of exactly nobody. How will this affect fantasy owners this week?

Chris Graythen

This week, the Niners take their show on the road again to visit the Rams, who played the Niners to a disappointing tie a few weeks ago. Since then, the Niners have been a merciless killing machine, first dispatching the Bears on Monday Night Football and then the Saints in New Orleans last week. The Niners top many NFL power polls this week. But who should you start for fantasy?

START: Colin Kaepernick. He has been a boss since taking over the starting gig, making excellent decisions and delivering confident, accurate throws. The Rams have a good secondary, but so did the Bears and look what happened to them. I have said to keep playing Kaep until he has a bad game, but who knows when that will be.

START: Frank Gore. He is always dependable and solid. He will probably score in this game, rushing or receiving. Heck, maybe both.

START: Niners defense. This is becoming one of the top defensive units of the last decade. Aldon Smith is totally unstoppable. Even though Sam Bradford handled them a while back, he probably won't do so again.

And here are the guys to avoid.

SIT: David Akers. He's hurt and has become pretty unreliable. Find a better option.

SIT: Any Niner receiver. Kaepernick has spread the ball around so well, it's impossible to tell which receiver he favors. Give this one time to shake out.