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NBA power rankings 2012: Warriors middle of the pack, Kings near the bottom

The Golden State Warriors are currently ranked somewhere in the middle of the NBA power rankings. The Sacramento Kings are far less fortunate.


The NBA power rankings are out! How do the Bay Area teams fare?

The 8-6 Golden State Warriors are doing quite well. Marc Stein has them at 14th, rising them up five spots and noting Golden State's tough road stretch. John Hollinger has them even higher at 12th, a spot where they've stayed for much of the year.

The Warriors also jump up from 20th to 13th in Seth Rosenthal's rankings from SB Nation. They make a huge leap from 16th to 10th in the latest power rankings from CBS Sports after picking up win after win. Then Kurt Helin of NBC Sports put the Warriors up to 17th from 18th, still expressing skepticism how long the Dubs could survive without Andrew Bogut.

The 4-9 Sacramento Kings aren't in as great shape. Stein puts them in 24th, moving them up from 28th thanks to wins over the Jazz and Lakers. Hollinger has them lower, placing them right at 26th. Rosenthal moves them up from 29th to 25th, pointing out the improved rebounding by each team. The Kings made the move from 28th to 26th in CBS's rankings, and leapt from 29th to 25th in NBC's rankings thanks to their lineup change.