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San Francisco Giants' World Series shares revealed

The Giants and their players will receive a lot of money for winning the World Series.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

A lot comes with winning a World Series championship. For the San Francisco Giants, their resilient run to the top brought in a whole lot of money for the organization.

According to this report from CSN Bay Area, each player's full postseason share is worth $377,003. That is the highest sum of money since the 2006 Cardinals' run to a championship. With the playoffs expanding from eight teams to 10 this past year, the money shares came out to $65.36 million across the league. That's the highest in Major League Baseball history.

A total of 50 full shares were distributed among the team. Melky Cabrera, who was suspended for the final two months of the season due to a positive PED test, received more than $300,000 despite not playing one inning in the postseason. Due to MLB rules, all Cabrera had to do was be an active player as of June 1, and he was eligible to receive his full share of postseason money.