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Raiders vs. Saints postgame: Denarius Moore, Carson Palmer not on the same page

The Oakland Raiders struggled at times in the passing game as Carson Palmer had trouble connecting with receiver Denarius Moore in Sunday's loss.

Ezra Shaw

Unfortunately for the Oakland Raiders, they picked an inopportune time for Carson Palmer and Denarius Moore to not be on the same page. In a game where the Raiders needed to be sharp on offense, they had trouble matching points with the New Orleans Saints and lost 38-17.

Palmer connected with Moore on only one of the seven throws he sent his receiver's way for nine yards. While a toss to Moore did draw a pass interference in the end zone to set up Oakland's first touchdown, the two were out of sync on three other throws with the ball landing nowhere near Moore.

Moore has been Palmer's deep-threat this season and before Sunday's loss, had at least three receptions in every game. Still, Palmer has acknowledged that the chemistry with his receiver isn't fully developed, due to the hamstring injury that hampered Moore in training camp:

"He's our go-to guy. He's our number one receiver, he's got a lot of plays (in the playbook) for him, and we haven't had a ton of time to be on task, and that's why some of the miscommunication things come up," Palmer said. "He's a second-year guy, and I need to do a better job of getting on the same page with him -- see things the way he sees them."

Palmer finished Sunday with 312 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions on 40 attempts.