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Jim Harbaugh: 49ers, Raiders should just get along

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Drawing inspiration from the success of the Bay Area's two professional baseball teams, Jim Harbaugh would like to see the 49ers and Raiders work together and their respective fanbases patch things up.

Jeff Zelevansky - Getty Images

Inspired by the postseason berths of professional baseball teams on either side of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is calling on the team's fans to make peace with those of the Oakland Raiders, according to a report from Cam Inman of San Jose Mercury News.

"There should be great relations between the two teams," Harbaugh said in a Friday conference call with reporters. "It doesn't have to be like Republicans and Democrats. We're very fortunate to have so many professional teams here."

Harbaugh, who began his NFL coaching career in 2001 as an assistant with the Raiders, envisioned a future partnership where cross-bay rivals could practice together, facilitate trades and maybe even share the new Santa Clara Stadium.

The second-year head coach drew his inspiration from the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics, which each won division titles and begin postseason play Saturday, and hopes that both of the Bay Area's football franchises can enjoy similar success.