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Giants vs. Tigers, World Series: Tim Lincecum 'oblivious' in reliever role

With his recent postseason move to the bullpen, Tim Lincecum is at ease with his current role and up for anything going forward.

Ezra Shaw

This season has been by far Tim Lincecum's most interesting since coming into the league in 2007. Not his promising rookie campaign, or his two Cy Young seasons or even when he led the Giants to a World Series title in 2010. What makes his 2012 campaign unique is a bloated ERA, a demotion to the bullpen and a contract decision that is likely to cost the right-hander millions. But as San Jose Mercury News writer Tim Kawakami reports, Lincecum is always expecting the unexpected.

"I just kind of am oblivious to half the things going on and when I hear my name I just say 'hey, let's go!'" remarked the former Cy Young winner when asked about how he is being used by manager Bruce Bochy. Lincecum has never been a hyper-intense clubhouse presence, but seems remarkably calm for the stakes that are involved and his new role.

Bruce Bochy has set his World Series rotation and has opted to keep Lincecum in the bullpen. Lincecum did start one game this postseason -- an 8-3 loss to the Cardinals in NLDS Game 4 -- but has appeared primarily out of the bullpen, logging 8-1/3 innings over three appearances. The right-hander has been more effective in a relief role, giving up just one run over the 8-1/3 innings, as opposed to four in his 4-2/3-inning start in Game 4.

The San Francisco Giants will host the Detroit Tigers in Game 1 of the World Series tonight at 8 pm ET.