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Cardinals vs. Giants, 2012 NLCS Game 6: Ryan Vogelsong pitches career game

The San Fransisco Giants received an impressive performance from starter Ryan Vogelsong to win Game 6 over the St. Louis Cardinals and force a seventh and final game to decide the NLCS.

Ezra Shaw

It comes down to Game 7 at home for the San Fransisco Giants. The player most responsible for keeping the Giants season alive for another day? Ryan Vogelsong.

The San Fransisco starter had an impressive outing in Game 6, shutting down the St. Louis Cardinals offense to extend the series. Vogelsong struck out nine batters and allowed only one run as the Giants claimed a 6-1 win on Sunday night.

While Vogelsong has performed well all postseason with a 2-0 record and 1.42 ERA, this game was just about "a pitcher with robot eyes in an elimination game," according to McCovey Chronicles:

This Game 6, then, was a reminder that this series isn't anything like those other series. This year isn't like any other year. The Giants have a former prospect who returned after walking the earth, looking for salvation. They have a homegrown star coming back from a busted ankle. They have pitchers leaking oil, and then they have other pitchers slipping on the puddles of oil and falling down the stairs. They have a unique team and a unique situation.

Even when San Fransisco had a four-run lead in the seventh inning, McCovey Chronicles had visions of a Cardinals comeback. But when the final out was recorded and reality set it, it's difficult to not like the Giants' chances with Game 7 at home and their ace Matt Cain on the mound on Monday night.