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Health of Stephen Curry, Andrew Bogut among Warriors top concerns

Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut are returning to the NBA after being out a majority of the prior season due to ankle injuries.

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

If your team depends on two players as much as Stephen Curry and new center Andrew Bogut, their health should be of the upmost concern. The Warriors lost Curry for the remaining 40 games of last season due to a right ankle injury that required surgery. Bogut has not suited up for the team yet, despite being traded to Golden State last season.

Curry has been hampered by ankle injuries throughout his entire playing career. After this most recent surgery on April 25th, he was not medically cleared to play until September 20th. Curry is only 24 years old, but seems to have the ankles of a well seasoned NBA vet. He appears to be ready for the season after playing in a friendly five-on five a few days prior to media day.

Bogut joins the Warriors after spending several seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks. In January and prior to his trade to Golden State, he fractured his ankle and it required surgery. The surgery was preformed in April.

Bogut has had a career with injuries sprinkled through out it. The same could be said for Curry but there is a big difference. Bogut has played in close to seven NBA seasons to Curry's three. In a player as talented as Curry, chronic injury can, and will, cut a career short.

Both players are expected to be available when the Warriors open up the season on Halloween against Phoenix.