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Raiders of old show their face with 12 penalties on Sunday

The Oakland Raiders could have beaten the Atlanta Falcons if it weren't for their 12 penalties for a total of 110 yards. This undisciplined play harkens back to Raiders teams of old.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

On Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, the Raiders were whistled for a season high 12 penalties for a total of 110 yards. Those 110 yards could mean the difference between taking down the only undefeated team in the NFL or having the outcome the Raiders had on Sunday.

The Falcons, by comparison, were a much more disciplined team. They had two penalties called against the team for a total of 25 yards.

Head coach Dennis Allen acknowledged the negative effect the penalties had on his team; yet, in the same breath, he offered up a somewhat backhanded compliment to Atlanta by stating, "... and we have got to tip our hats to Atlanta. They came to play and they did just enough to win the game."

On Sunday, the Raiders welcome a struggling Jacksonville Jaguars team to the Colosseum. The Jaguars are coming off of their bye-week and need to turn around their 1-4 season. Oakland is currently 1-4-0 in the AFC West with a two-game losing streak.