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Raiders vs. Jaguars preview: Oakland hopes improved play will lead to a win

The Oakland Raiders played better last week but still lost, this week, the improvement could pay off against the Jaguars.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders could not have asked for a worse opponent to face in their first game back from the bye week. The Atlanda Falcons were one of two undefeated teams going into the weekend, and the only one still undefeated coming out. The Raiders clearly looked improved from both the coaching standpoint and the player standpoint. Better play calling on offense and better play on the field on defense had the Raiders leading at half time and in the game down till the very last second. But despite the improvements, the Raiders still came away with a loss.

This week, the Raiders hope to keep building on their improved play when they host the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Oakland Coliseum, but this time the Raiders would like a slightly different result for their efforts. Luckily for the Raiders, they get to follow up the tough matchup with a game at home against one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Jags are 1-4 and do not look like they have improved much from last season.

Plus, the Raiders match up perfectly with the Jags. Jacksonville has the worst pass game in the league and the third worst rush defense in the league. Right now, the Raiders two biggest weaknesses are in pass defense and their run game. Last weekend saw improvement in both areas for the Raiders, and they have to hope that a good showing against the Jags will put them back on track.