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NFL Mock Draft 2012: David DeCastro To Cardinals, Jonathan Martin To Bengals

The Stanford Cardinal are shaping up to be extremely well-represented in this year's 2012 NFL Draft. Beyond the seemingly-inevitable selection of Heisman runner-up Andrew Luck as the number one overall pick and become a member of the Indianapolis Colts, the Cardinal are expected to have two other players selected in the first round.

Offensive linemen David DeCastro and Jonathan Martin are both being predicted for selection within the overall top 20 of the draft. Draft website New NFL Draft has some ideas on where the two players might end up.

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The site predicts that the Arizona Cardinals will select DeCastro with their No. 13 pick in the first round. Here's what the site has to say:

The Cardinals grab a very good Offensive Lineman out of Stanford. Not only can he play both Guard positions but I also believe that he has the ability to play the Right Tackle position. In this 2012 NFL Mock Draft I think the Cardinals could go for a defensive player as well. With that being said I think protecting their QB and helping with the running game is important.

They also suggest that Martin would be an enticing No. 17 pick for the Cincinnati Bengals.

I don't think you can have too many good Offensive Lineman for pass protection as well as running the ball. Additionally I think that the Bengals are a good team and if they continue to build their offensive line they will continue to get better and better with this NFL Mock Draft.

New NFL Draft has DeCastro listed as their No. 1 guard in the 2012 draft. They place Martin as their No. 3 offensive tackle.

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