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Keith Smart Signs Deal To Become Sacramento Kings Head Coach Through 2013

The Sacramento Kings have had quite an interesting last few weeks. After knocking off the Lakers in front of a sold out crowd at Power Balance Pavilion, the team has seen DeMarcus Cousins take a leave of absence and coach Paul Westphal get the boot after a little more than two years. Assistant coach Keith Smart was named the interim head coach on Thursday, but that lasted just three hours or so.

According to multiple reports, Smart has already signed a deal to become the head coach of the Kings through the 2013 season. While the common thought process would be to test out an assistant coach and see how those in the organization react with him in charge, the Kings felt it was in the best interest of everyone to sign the former Warriors head coach to a two-year deal.

For those of you who are as confused as I am, the only explanation I can offer is that Keith Smart has coached in the league before and he has reportedly worked well with Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins. Then again, just how good of a coach can he be if the Warriors fired him after one season?

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